Sunday, July 20, 2014

To The Surviving Family Members of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17!

Our prayers are with you and the innocent victims of those that express hatred for all things good!  We pray also for civil unrest around the world and here in the United States!  There are too many areas to name!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Childlike Faith!

“I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” Mark 10:15  (NLT).

Close your eyes for a minute, I hope that you are not driving while reading this. Think back to a time and place when you had no concerns or cares.  All that you wanted to do was just eat, play and sleep. Our only world was the one around us where we did not even know about paying bills, taxes or buying gas. Our parents took care of all that and many other grownup things that did not stress us out. We did not stress out too much because our priorities were different and we expected the grownups to take care of problems.

As a little boy, I played stickball in the street, climb trees, rode roller-skate go-carts and took risks never thinking of the consequence because a children we weren’t afraid of anything except the boogeyman. For those children who were blessed to have a father or grandfather in their lives while growing up seemed to have that their father or grandfather could do anything. They were bigger, stronger, and smarter who gave us just about whatever we wanted. They also got the biggest dinner plate but that was okay because they had to be strong. They also issued the discipline when mom felt that she could not get through to us.  

As I grew older with responsibilities, those worries that my parents had came rushing in. I had a job that I no longer enjoyed. I had bosses that I could not trust and my fears and doubts began to seep in. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.  A door was closing and I could not keep it open.  The peculiar thing about it is that I had prayed for a change.  I just wanted it done my way. I forgot my faith in the present while too busy thinking about my future. I had bill collectors that didn’t care as long as I paid the bills on time. I had overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges but believed that God got me through even though my faith was not as strong as it should have been. As the years passed by, I began to dwell upon the days of my childhood, searching for the antidote to cure all those fears that were making me lose my way. My antidote was approaching God with childlike belief.

When I was young, I did not need to worry, my parents would take care of my problems.  I would bring my problems to them and expect them to handle it which they did. I had not developed my faith in God at the time but I sure had faith in my parents. I did believe in angels because of the pictures I saw with angels standing behind little children.  Also, my mom told me that everyone had a guardian angel especially children since they are innocent to the world's demands. The world has a way of leaving scars inside of you if you are not prepared. My memory of angels revived when they began to show themselves to me in adulthood. I knew they were angels because strangers walked up to me to tell everything will be alright and God is with you.  They were people I never met and never saw again.  It was at those moments that begin to lead me back to dependence in God.

My faith is growing stronger day by day but it is not easy.  My faith knows that God is always beside me and is always concerned about my well-being.  As I begin to let go and lean on God, I am becoming the man God wants me to be. I still have those days those worries try to overtake me -yet I refuse to be defeated. The pressures of this world want us to take our focus off of God.  He is my fortress and I will walk anywhere He leads, knowing God will never leave me.

So, the next time you feel yourself caught up in the fear of this world, close your eyes tightly for a moment and picture that child who walked without looking over their shoulders; the person you were before the world took it’s toll on you.

Today I pray that as you approach those trees in your life that remain unclimbed, you will grab onto a branch and go to new heights. I pray that God will never let you fall. And most of all, I pray, that as you are transformed through His will, you will have “the light of the world” right beside you every step of the way.

RIP, Meshach Taylor!

Meshach Taylor in Los Angeles in 1989.CreditImage by Nick Ut/Associated Press
Meshach Taylor, the actor best known as the friendly colleague of four Southern women on the popular sitcom “Designing Women,” died on Saturday, June 28, 2014, at his home near Los Angeles. He was 67.